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It’s your own path : write it or suffer it

07 Mai It’s your own path : write it or suffer it

In my 22, my army days were just over. This moment of life learned me to listen to my fears. Yes, listen.

Really carefully listen.

To hear and i hope, understand what they had to tell me not over facts, but for each situation, what “the little point of great grief” was about.

At the moment the list was set, i knew for sure the shape of my main mental limitations.The bullet points on the list are still nowadays the milestones of my life’s path. Most of them are now fought, and i m still on the path, and i love it!

Honestly, i have learned more from experiences and meeting people on the path than from any success and award.

The current 47 years old company founder and owner was designed the day the list was written and born the day the main fears were tamed.The day he decided that life is a daily miracle we can manage more than it seems.

Use fear as a fuel before it becomes glue.

#IfIWere 22 i hope i did it again… well humm, may be a bit faster.

Patrick Colot

Sr Ind. Mgt&Org Practioner, Owner @ www.tec-ma.be

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